Aware Biometrics Application Provided for US Federal Agency Credentialing System

Aware, a provider of imaging and biometrics software, has supplied client- and server-based software products for the "PIV" employee credentialing system of a large US federal government agency. The software is part of a solution deployed by ICF International subsidiary Jacob & Sundstrom, an IT services firm with PIV expertise and experience. The system is used to provide enrollment of federal employees and centralized data structuring and workflow for issuance of PIV credentials.

Aware's software is an application used to perform assisted enrollment of biographic data, facial images, fingerprints, identity documents and digitally written signatures. In the agency system, this enrollment data is forwarded to Aware's SOA application server used to aggregate, store, process, and disseminate the enrolled data for various purposes including background checks and PIV card personalization. The Aware system provides ICF International a framework for customization and quick deployment.

"Aware offers a broad biometric software platform that utilizes modular building blocks of biometric functionality," said David Simonetti, VP for ICF International. "As a focused system integrator, this model suited our needs because we needed GSA-approved biometrics software that fulfilled PIV mandates and could be customized and deployed."
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