Apollo Video Technology Surveillance Solutions Transport at San Diego Metropolitan Transit System

The Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) has selected Apollo Video Technology's DVR and back-end management software for its fleet of transit vehicles. In the first phase of the project, Apollo will replace existing transit surveillance systems in 246 of MTS fixed-route buses and deploy wireless back-end equipment providing fleet-wide data and real-time video streaming.

The installation will include Apollo's DVRs, interior and exterior cameras, motion detectors and wireless local area network (LAN) equipment. The contract also includes Vehicle Information Management (ViM) software which will supply MTS with vehicle status reports, event logs, on-demand video clip retrieval and automated downloads of event video.

In addition to customer references, Apollo's financial stability and proven long-term reliability within large-scale deployments were vital to the company's success through the testing phase. MTS utilized an extensive RFP process beginning in October of 2009 to select Apollo Video as the contractor for the project.

MTS will utilize DVRs equipped with seven to nine cameras based on the specific bus types. Each camera system supplied by Apollo will provide MTS with Wi-Fi and GPS capabilities, allowing transit officials to monitor real-time video and location data. To capture potential incidents occurring inside the transit yards overnight, MTS requested that Apollo include motion detection capabilities to trigger the system to start recording at the first sign of movement. The passive IR sensor detects any movement inside the vehicle when the bus is turned off.

“The combination of passive IR sensors and the ViM software will ensure that MTS has video surveillance management while recording activity on the bus at all times,” said Rodell Notbohm, GM of Apollo Video Technology. “Apollo is committed to the landscape of mobile security and the value of making motion detection capabilities and other customized features available to our customers.”

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