Digital Angel Wins Government Bid in Peru for Cattle Identification

Digital Angel Wins Government Bid in Peru for Cattle Identification
Digital Angel Corporation, an advanced technology company in the field of animal identification and emergency identification solutions, announced its subsidiary Destron Fearing has won a bid to supply the Servicio Nacional de Sanidade Agrária (SENASA), an agency affiliated with the Agricultural Ministry of Peru, with electronic identification equipment for the country's official cattle ID program.

SENASA has selected and approved Destron Fearing to be the official supplier and has awarded the company an initial order for more than 140,000 electronic identification tags. Over the next 12 months, SENASA has agreed to purchase additional identification tags as well as Destron Fearing applicators and readers as part of the nation's official cattle identification program

Destron Fearing will customize combination RFID panel tags and RFID button tags with Peru's official country code and will program specific sequence numbers for the different geographical areas of the country. Both types of tags are compatible with Destron's DTR4 handheld reader, which the company believes is the most advanced reader of its kind. The DTR4 stores more than 2,000 individual numbers and can verify individual animals with in a preloaded list that is International Committee for Animal Recording (ICAR) approved, FCC approved, and meets SENASA market specifications.

“Through the bidding process we were able to demonstrate Destron Fearing's superior technology by highlighting the robust nature of our RFID products. The quality of Destron Fearing tags, applicators, and hand held readers were tested and their durability and competitive pricing showcased the full value proposition we offer to the market,” said Dan Ellsworth, VP of Sales and Marketing. “We see additional opportunities in South America, and believe the experience and knowledge of our International Sales Director for Central and South America, Roberto Gerios, offers Destron Fearing a strong presence in the region.”

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