Suprema Reaches Overseas Customers with Global Partner Program

Suprema, a provider of biometrics and ID solutions, held a Suprema Global Training Program from Oct. 20 to 22 in Seoul Korea. With more than 50 participants from 30 countries, the three-day program was designed to deliver intensive technical training, new product introduction, marketing orientation and R&D insight.

“The Suprema Global Partner Program is the first global scale customer oriented training program within the biometric industry,” said Young S. Moon, VP of Sales and Marketing at Suprema. “We had overwhelming interest about this program from our overseas customers from the planning stage and we had to shortlisted our partners from 30 countries only for this first year's program. Through this program, we aim to improve our partners' technical support competency and co-develop marketing strategies by regions.”

Shaji Abdul Kadar, Sales Manager at ScreenCheck from the United Arab Emirates, said, “The program was very helpful to overseas partners like us and it was very well designed and organized. I believe Suprema is doing extremely well not only in developing innovative products and solutions but also providing solid loyalty and value as a long term business partner. The program also offered me with excellent opportunities to meet and share ideas with many other professionals from different parts of the world.”

Suprema plans to extend its Global Partnership Program as a tool for distributor training and developing co-marketing strategies. Founded in 2000, Suprema now has more than 850 customers from 100 countries worldwide.
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