Thinking Ahead Gives Actiontop an Edge to Ensure its Leading Position

Thinking Ahead Gives Actiontop an Edge to Ensure its Leading Position

Actiontop Electronics was established in 1999 and has factory facilities in Shenzhen, China. The company engages in the design, manufacturing, sales and support of high-speed video surveillance camera products, including a variety of domes and zoom lenses, vandal-proof cameras, controllers, matrices and other accessories. Quality enhancement and robust R&D capabilities give the company an edge as a leading speed dome manufacturer. A&S China Best Buys talks to Alec Weingart, President at Actiontop, and Henry Hu, GM at Actiontop, to unveil the company's future plans.

Actiontop Electronics supplies advanced high-speed dome systems to China as well as the international market. The company's policy is to subcontract production of all mechanical and electronics to experts, with final dome assembly done at its factory. This enables for flexible production, high efficiency and lower costs.

This has made the company one of the leading Chinese high-speed dome exporters to the U.S., the United Arab Emirates, Germany, Israel, South Africa, Taiwan, Brazil, Malaysia and the U.K. The company's strong technical know-how, quality guarantees adapted from Israel and cost advantage from manufacturing in China have given the company a unique blend of Western and Chinese characteristics.

“This is a perfect combination,” said Alec Weingart, President at Actiontop. Selling all over the world, Actiontop is able to compete with US and European companies in the high-quality product category, but with prices that are 20 percent to 30 percent lower. “That is Actiontop's key global strategy,” he stressed.

Hot from the Oven — 32 Bit Speed Dome
According to Weingart, manufacturing capability is no longer an advantage of Chinese suppliers. Therefore, if manufacturers want to differentiate from other “me-too” companies, they must provide extra value to customers. “We have fine and robust experience not only in ensuring product stability and manufacturing, but also by putting more efforts into software development,” he said.

“We would say we are a technology-based manufacturer,” Weingart said. “Furthermore, we always think ahead of other Chinese players to ensure our leading position. For example, we know software plays a crucial role in the future trend of IP technology. We have invested greatly in developing the software which can better control the speed domes and comply with other relevant features of IP.”

A 32-bit speed dome is the latest innovation from the company. This product shows the organization will keep its promise to continuously invest in new innovation, designed to serve different customer requirements.

Actiontop's 32-bit speed dome can integrate with 27x/35x zoom cameras from Sony and Samsung. This product enhances its remote upgrading functions, enabling adjustments through the Web to speed dome and zoom camera protocols via RS-485, RS-422 and RJ-45. It supports Pelco-D, Pelco-P and Actiontop protocols to control PTZ functions.

This product retains the exquisite features Actiontop includes for all its products, such as precise preset points, auto-flip, cruising patterns and so on. Furthermore, this speed dome features advanced functions, including auto recognition, graphical user interface with multiple language options, video loss alerts as well as a working temperature display. Its new compass function is able to indicate current lens direction, horizontal and vertical degrees and zoom camera focus.

Win-Win Strategy
With more than a decade of dedication to the security industry, the company decided to move to another stage by merging with Cantronic, a public company in Canada which specializes in thermal imaging cameras.

“After the acquisition, Actiontop will continue its dedication to speed domes in terms of R&D development and enhanced stability and performance,” Weingart said. “Actiontop has been OEM/ ODM partners over the past decade with many important players. Our products are credited and show great performance. Therefore, Actiontop will continue to serve its existing OEM/ODM customers in overseas market.”

“Through the merger with Actiontop, it provides Cantronic enhanced capabilities for domestic projects in China by integrating Actiontop's speed domes into Cantronic's existing product lines,” said Henry Hu, GM of Actiontop.

According to James Zahn, President and CEO of Cantronic, its China subsidiaries Cantronic Security Systems (China), Beijing Advanced Videoinfo Technology and Shenzhen Huanghe Digital Technology provide digital networked video surveillance solutions to government and corporate customers in China.

“Alec Weingart will continue to play an important role in the company with his ample and robust experience in electronics security and closed-circuit television systems,” Zahn said. “We are confident that Alec will be valuable as he takes the helm at Cantronic's operations in China.”

“His vision, deep technological expertise and extensive Chinese relationships should help strengthen Cantronic's competitive position as the company leverages its best-in-class technologies to take advantage of the large market opportunity in China for Cantronic's video surveillance products,” Zahn said.

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