Gunnebo Provides Flap Gates to China Metro for $6.6 Million

Gunnebo Security Group has successfully secured orders for entrance control systems for the extension to Beijing Metro Systems as well as to the new lines in Tianjin (Line 3), Shenyang, Hangzhou and Suzhou. The total order value amounts to US$6.6 million.

For all orders, Gunnebo will provide metro flap-gates, specially designed for high volume and safe use in metro stations. Gunnebo will deliver more than 2,000 entry- and exit gates starting Q4 2010.

“So far there are 11 cities in China with a metro system, and Gunnebo has provided ten of them with our efficient solutions for entrance control,” said Mats Johansson, Country Manager Gunnebo China.

“As we speak, 10 more Chinese cities are planning to build metro systems within the near future,” Johansson said. “Overall, the market for infrastructure investments is really booming in China right now, and I am pleased to note that Gunnebo is one of the leading suppliers of entrance control solutions to the Chinese mass transit sector. Going forward, we can foresee great opportunities for this business to grow.”

The gates that Gunnebo are providing to the Chinese metro market have a reputation in managing high throughput-numbers, with proven reliability and durability. The gates were initially designed for use in the KCRC metro system in Hong Kong, which created the regional benchmark, with subsequent installations in Beijing, Shanghai, and many other metro systems throughout China.

Since mid-2010, Gunnebo established a sales company in Shanghai.
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