U.S. Enhances Airport Security with Smiths Detection Explosive Detectors

Smiths Detection announced multiple U.S. airlines have begun using its portable trace detection systems at boarding gates as part of an initiative to enhance airport security.

The threat detectors are being used to check hand luggage for traces of explosives immediately before passengers board flights heading to the U.S.

“We are pleased to help US air carriers make air travel as safe as humanly possible, and these orders are great examples of how the airlines are working with the security industry to intelligently expand layers of security through a variety of technologies,” said Mark Laustra, VP of Homeland Security, Smiths Detection.

The detectors provide particle and vapor analysis by using ion mobility spectrometry technology, detecting both explosives and narcotics from a single, easily gathered sample. Rugged design and portability enable the systems to be taken from gate to gate at boarding areas.

With the largest service and support team in the industry, Smiths Detection will provide training and support to the airlines to ensure maximum functionality and proper care of the detectors. The carriers requested anonymity, citing security reasons.
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