Axis Communications Calls for Smarter Surveillance Management

Axis Communications, a provider of network cameras, asked how many of the UK's six-million cameras in public spaces are managed as effectively and efficiently as they could be.

It is clear that video surveillance plays a key role in fighting crime and protecting public spaces. However, its role can be improved and better management will ensure the cameras capture quality footage of incidents that can be used to identify and apprehend offenders. Surveillance regulation is among the many issues that the Coalition Government has already set out to address.

“In the main, public-space surveillance cameras do the job they have been installed to do, but where there are issues with surveillance systems, it tends to be because there are too many cameras producing poor-quality footage which is badly managed, and in some cases the cameras don't even work,” said Phil Doyle, Regional Director, Northern Europe, Axis Communications.

“It's likely that the reference to large volumes of surveillance cameras delivering no or bad images, is impacted by the number of unused video devices or by those that were installed years ago and never really properly maintained with users not knowing that they can achieve better coverage.

“The time has come to cleanse the install base, ridding it of those cameras that are unused, unmaintained and unnecessary. Taking action will be a positive step to help roll back on what many perceive to be a ‘surveillance state'.”

It is important to remember that surveillance is used as a deterrent against crime as well as playing a role in the investigation of it. Footage is regularly used in reconstructions, identifying offenders and making high-profile calls for public support.

Advances in technology mean that surveillance has moved on a long way from what many refer to as simply ‘surveillance', with modern systems having many benefits including:
? Capturing better-quality footage: HD network cameras capture better quality images

? IP-based cameras provide images that can be shared easily between security professionals, including the police force in the event of an incident. Images can be found quickly and shared instantly over a network without the need to trawl through hours of video footage

? More effective and efficient use of cameras and equipment: Network security systems can be managed remotely, quickly detecting technical faults or broken cameras. Easy to install cameras mean that they can be moved to different locations as and when they are needed as risks change.

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