UK Time Solutions Manages All Access Points of London School of Economics

UK Time Solutions has completed a contract to install a time and attendance system linking three sites for the London School of Economics. Software is loaded at one site with management data available to authorized employees at any of the sites. The system provides accurate data for human resource personnel and will enhance health and safety since it provides accurate numbers of employees located at all three sites. The system can handle unlimited numbers of people and can be linked to access control, meaning in time it could control all doors and access points throughout the school. The system is future-proof since it can link to payroll software and can be extended to cover other locations in the U.K. and overseas.

"We are used to demonstrating ROI and cost benefit for our time and attendance systems, so it is gratifying that the organization which turns out some of the economists recognized these features,” said Chris Routledge, MD, UK Time Solutions.
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