Dedicated Micros Restructures Executive Team

Dedicated Micros, part of AD Group, reconstructed its board with a number of key appointments to bring together a new team to drive the business forward in the Americas. The four members of the board who will be working in conjunction with Mike Newton, the new President of Dedicated Micros, including Pauline Norstrom, VP; Nigel Petrie, Chairman; John Bonsee, Senior VP, Sales and John Dolan, VP, Business Development.

Looking in more detail at the new board members for Dedicated Micros, Pauline Norstrom who has been given the portfolio of VP, Dedicated Micros, will take up this role in addition to her responsibilities at an AD Group level where she is a Group Board Director and Director of Worldwide Marketing. Norstrom has more than 20 years experience in business management, B2B marketing, sales and Internet development. This should prove invaluable in her new position as VP, with her key task being to steer the marketing activities of Dedicated Micros, coordinating the efforts of marketers based in Chantilly with those of the worldwide marketing team at AD Group's headquarters in Warrington, England. Norstrom is also Chairman of the CCTV Section of the British Security Industry Association where she has taken a lead in the development and promotion of CCTV standards and best practice guidance. The U.K. is seen as the CCTV capital of the world and as such, the standards developed and experience gained by the law enforcement bodies in the UK, in applying surveillance as a preventative and forensic tool, are used as a benchmark for best practice all over the world.

Nigel Petrie who becomes Chairman of Dedicated Micros, will be able to bring a wider perspective to the Board through his considerable expertise in business management and improvement across a wide range of sectors. This proven track record includes working with the prestigious Snowy Mountains Hydro Electric project in Australia and being the MD of First Hydro, a peak generator trading in the UK electricity market. Petrie also has considerable non-executive experience in the Healthcare sector both in the U.S. and the U.K. In addition to his Dedicated Micros, role, Petrie will continue to serve as Chairman of parent company AD Group and as Chairman of Neptune Renewable Energy a leader in the development of tidal stream power.

Another key appointment to the Board of Dedicated Micros, is Chantilly-based John Bonsee as Senior VP, Sales. Bonsee is a member of the team at Dedicated Micros, and is also Senior VP, Business Development and Sales for AD Group's enterprise video arm, AD Network Video. He has more than 30 years experience in senior level business development and sales positions. This includes 25 years at Baxter Healthcare, Clintec, culminating in the role of VP of Sales for the U.S. and the Caribbean. A graduate of Siena College in Loudounville, New York, where he received a bachelor's in economics, Bonsee was an Infantry Platoon Commander in the United States Marine and served a tour of duty in Vietnam. He is currently Co-Vice-Chairman for the Military Liaison Council of ASIS International.

The final member of the Dedicated Micros' Board in the Americas is John Dolan as VP, Business Development who has a surveillance pedigree with more than 25 years of system sales for the military, aerospace, transport and, most recently, fire sectors. Dolan's connection with AD Group goes back to 1997 when he started work at its Atlanta office and from where he oversaw the application of the mobile CCTV system in a number of large-scale school bus projects. Most recently Dolan has been working to develop the AD Group's AD Network Video business in the Americas as a one-stop resource for enterprise scale video surveillance projects. Moving forward he will retain responsibility for aerospace sales, on behalf of AD Group subsidiary AD Aerospace, as well as support for military and homeland security sales of specialist surveillance cameras from Innovative Sensor Developments.
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