VideoIQ and Niscayah US Enter Technology Partnership

VideoIQ, a provider of video surveillance, partnered with Niscayah US, a security systems integrator. This partnership will provide joint customers with a solution for intelligent, proactive video surveillance with VideoIQ's product line.

Based on adaptive analytics, VideoIQ cameras and encoders provide a video surveillance system that delivers event detection with superior accuracy, maximum range and self calibration. Additionally, the VideoIQ system delivers zero bandwidth recording for deployment flexibility and remote monitoring.

Headquartered in Sweden, Niscayah employs 5,500 employees in 16 countries in Europe, the U.S. and Australia. Niscayah specializes as a security systems integrator in the design, installation and support of technology-based solutions, working with IT professionals to ensure maximum use and productivity of communication, data storage and data security.

"Niscayah customers are large organizations that are faced with complex security challenges and we are adapting and expanding our partnerships to help them meet these challenges in a way that is customized to their needs," said John Nemerofsky, VP, Sales and Marketing of Niscayah US. "The partnership enables us to provide a new level of intelligent video solutions for our customers and coupled with our own expertise, reducing security threats and risks."

"Niscayah's position as a premier national integrator with an emphasis on service and long-term client relationships is a great fit for VideoIQ's capabilities," said Holly Tsourides, VP, Global Sales of VideoIQ. "By employing VideoIQ's solutions, Niscayah will be able to deter theft and vandalism at their customers' locations. In addition, VideoIQ and Niscayah will partner to develop markets together focused on crime prevention."

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