Computer Network Limited PSIM Interfaces with Gunshot Location System

Computer Network Limited (CNL), a provider of Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) software, has implemented a technology interface to the Gunshot Location System (GLS).

The GLS uses acoustic surveillance coupled with audio analytics for public safety, homeland security, critical infrastructure protection and military applications.

The GLS aids with violent crime reduction and enhanced physical security and includes an open interface for conveying alerts to complementary systems.

This interface will ensure that when an incident is detected by a deployed GLS, its location is immediately conveyed so that intelligence is aggregated from other systems such as surveillance and GIS mapping ensuring operators have immediate awareness and enhanced situational intelligence. Incident activity can be visually verified using nearby video surveillance cameras enabling the most rapid and appropriate response. Two-way communications can simultaneously be maintained with the response team until the incident is resolved. All of this is managed through one intuitive interface, and the action of every operator is recorded in a centralized database for management and auditing purposes.

CNL PSIM has the ability to bring together disparate video sources, which means agencies can access feeds from third-party surveillance systems, such as airports, shopping centers, hotels and convention centers. This gives them cameras to use to assess a situation. Together the two systems will give a command–and-control center complete situational management capabilities following a gunshot incident.

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