Bosch Security Systems Covers Russian Chocolate Factory with Video Surveillance

Bosch Security Systems has supplied the entire video systems for Ferrero's chocolate factory in Russia. The plant in Vladimir, around 160 kilometers north-east of Moscow, is Ferrero's first in Russia and its second in Eastern Europe. It produces Ferrero's Kinder chocolate and its Raffaello candy.

In protecting the fenced grounds, which cover around 90,000 square meters, and to monitor interior spaces, a total of 123 video cameras were installed in the Vladimir plant, 80 of which have a day/night function. Almost all of the digital cameras work with the IP protocol, while some analog cameras are integrated in the IP architecture via an encoder. The cameras are controlled centrally by Bosch VMS. The system, which includes four consoles, also saves the images on nine iSCSI-based storage systems with a total capacity of more than 100 TBs.

So that a precise picture can be formed of an alarm incident and its background, Ferrero has licensed the video analysis software IVA from Bosch, which supports all cameras and encoders. IVA offers numerous intelligent functions for use in automatically detecting unusual events or threats, enabling a rapid response. It also has extensive forensic tools. By using metadata instead of video images, investigations even after the fact can be greatly accelerated.
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