Rescuers Kept Watch on Chilean Miners with VIVOTEK Network Cameras

People around the world celebrated the rescue of 33 Chilean mining workers, who were trapped underground at a depth of more than 600 meters for seven weeks. The greatest tributes must go to the courageous miners and their families, as well as the ingenuity of the engineers who quickly designed and built the transport capsule used to extract the workers from deep underground.

Within the tough situation, security vendor VIVOTEK played a dramatic role in the rescue operation. Its fixed dome network camera was deployed as an integral part of the rescue capsule, providing operators with clear real-time images of the conditions in and around the capsule. The camera recorded as the capsule made its descent to retrieve each miner and then returned them to the surface. With its superb HD video quality and compact size, the camera captured crucial footage of the miners and the amazing rescue effort in Chile.

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