Salient Systems VMS Solution Meets ImmerVision Panoramic Lens Certification

ImmerVision, a provider of 360-degree lens and for immersive optical technology, announced Salient Systems' VMS solution has received ImmerVision certification.

“The support of ImmerVision lens technology offers Salient's customers access to panoramic imaging technology that can be used with a variety of analog and network cameras,” said Per Hanssen, President and CTO of Salient Systems. “ImmerVision's approach to 360-degree panoramic lens and immersive viewing functionality allows for a blend of fixed, dome and PTZ cameras to eliminate blind spots and full scene playback.”

“ImmerVision is proud to count Salient as one of its key partner in the promotion of 360-degree through its VMS solution,” said Alessandro Gasparini, Sales & Marketing and CCO, ImmerVision's SVP.
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