intoPIX delivers its high performance 4K JPEG 2000 decoder to Sony Corporation.

intoPIX delivers its high performance 4K JPEG 2000 decoder to Sony Corporation.

The IPX-JP4K decoder is directly integrated in the Sony 4K SXRD Digital Cinema System

intoPIX, the leading JPEG 2000 solutions provider, today announced that Sony Corporation has licensed and ntegrated the intoPIX 4K JPEG2000 decoder into the 4K SXRD digital cinema system. With its smart single chip FPGA implementation, impressive performance and quality, the 4K decoder offers a unique solution, making it the technology of choice for the digital cinema industry.

"We're extremely pleased to work with a flagship partner such as Sony Corporation," said intoPIX CSO, Jean-ran?ois Nivart. “Sony is an established cinema equipment manufacturer, leader in 4K projection. And it's yet one more example of the continuously ongoing adoption of our JPEG2000 technology.”

“By integrating intoPIX' JPEG 2000 technology, Sony added one more reason why theaters large and small are aking Sony 4K technology their projection of choice. Sony is the only digital cinema total system supplier which an actually provide 4K resolution solution as of today.” said Toshihiko Kitazawa, Senior Technical Manager of the ony Visual Presentation Solutions Business Division, DC Department.

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