ipConfigure Enterprise Surveillance Cloud Deployed for City of Chattanooga

ipConfigure Enterprise Surveillance Cloud Deployed for City of Chattanooga
ipConfigure protects the City of Chattanooga, Tennessee by hosting Enterprise Surveillance Cloud (ESC) in conjunction with Excalibur Integrated Systems and Terenine technology solutions. The city's public safety officials use the ESC to manage video feeds from numerous cameras deployed on streets, bridges and waterways.

ESC leverages a web browser for both end users and administrators. ESC's design enables live cameras to be viewed without any impact on the servers that are recording. Another key component of the system is the optimized motion detection algorithm which further economizes network bandwidth and server CPU utilization. Administrators are able to draw trip wire lines for more precise triggering of motion events, minimizing false positives and allowing for higher cameras counts per server than conventional video management systems.

“Excalibur Integrated Systems is a total solutions provider in the IP space. As such, we are pleased with the video management solution that ipConfigure offers our clients. Their video management solution, along with the storage solution provided by Terenine, makes our job as integrator easy because both parts of this solution set work and perform to our customer's expectation. In the end, the thing that matters is that our customers have access to videos of importance and that the files be maintained with backup integrity for future use. Both ipConfigure and Terenine allow us to provide a total solution with confidence,” said Rodger Jenkins, CEO of Excalibur Integrated Systems.

“ESM has been architected since day one to be ‘cloud-ready' because it is built on web services and a relational database,” said Steve Lewis, COO of ipConfigure. Its client server design makes it easy to deploy since no software is required to access and manage video other than a web browser. Hosting video in datacenter provides a benefit to end users because it takes out the complexity involved in deploying an IP video surveillance solution.”
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