Intersil IP Video Over Coax Optimizes Surveillance Transmission

Intersil IP Video Over Coax Optimizes Surveillance Transmission
Intersil introduced a solution designed to simultaneously transmit analog video and digital IP video over a single coaxial cable. The Intersil Techwell security link over coax (SLOC) solution allows megapixel network cameras to operate in the existing CCTV coaxial cable infrastructure without the need for new wiring or cable modifications, providing significant cost and resource savings.

Moreover, the Intersil Techwell device enables digital network camera functionality on existing coaxial wiring infrastructure without disrupting existing CCTV services. In addition, the embedded analog video enables latency-free live viewing and controlling of digital network cameras. Surveillance system manufacturers can architect an effective hybrid surveillance system that supports latency-free analog CCTV functions as well as networked IP surveillance functions.

The solution is comprised of a SLOC-based camera modem PHY device and a SLOC-based receiver PHY device. Based upon Intersil Techwell technology, the combination provides the security surveillance industry with a migration from a traditional analog system to an IP security system. The SLOC technology leverages the installed coaxial cable infrastructure and enables networked IP functions without requiring significant change to either the network camera design or the DVR design.

The Intersil SLOC solution provides high-performance and robust communications between the network camera and the receiver at coaxial cable lengths of up to 500 meters. Downlink throughput is up to 36Mbps (from camera to receiver); uplink throughput is up to 11Mbps (from receiver to camera).
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