Bosch and Legic Enter Technology Partnership

Legic Identsystems, a manufacturer of contactless smart card technology for personal identification, welcomes Bosch Security Systems, one of the suppliers of security and access solutions, into its network. Legic-based security systems and components will be used above all in Bosch's access control, time/attendance and biometric applications.

Bosch integrates Legic smart card technology into its solutions and can offer its international customers contactless security systems. The system integrator can rely on a worldwide-proven technology which meets the demands for security and convenience.

“The application of the Legic technology is important to further strengthen our international business activities,” said Reinhard Tschage, PM, Bosch Security Systems. “It means we can respond to the growing demand from our worldwide customers for Legic-based security solutions and it will give us access to one of the most significant identification technologies”.

“With Bosch an active company counts on our technology,” said Otto Eggimann, VP Sales & Business Development of Legic. “Based on our multifunctional smart card technology, the extensive range of solutions from Bosch is now available to end users worldwide. In particular, companies which are also active globally will be able to benefit from this”.
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