Intellicheck Mobilisa Awarded $500,000 Port Security Contract

Intellicheck Mobilisa, a provider of identity technology, access control and wireless security systems, announced U.S. Navy added US $500,000 of additional R&D funding for the company's wireless security buoy project.

The wireless security buoys provide a sensor and communications network that provides real-time monitoring and reporting of littoral marine environments. The project's key focus is anti-terrorism with sensors integrated into the network to provide an outer perimeter early warning capability. As a secondary function, the buoys measure and report critical water quality factors that affect fragile marine ecosystems.

“The wireless buoys project has been recognized by the Department of Defense and the intelligence community as a vital element of waterway and port security,” said Nelson Ludlow, CEO of Intellicheck Mobilisa. “This additional funding allows us to add new detection capabilities.”

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