Dali's Customization Capabilities Pave the Way for Better Customer Service and Retention

Dali's Customization Capabilities Pave the Way for Better Customer Service and Retention

Dedicated to innovation for more than two decades, Dali Technology was the first security company to be listed on the Chinese stock exchange in 2008. Listed on A&S' Security 50 ranking for three consecutive years, Dali was one of the four Chinese companies in the 2009 report, pegged at No.46 with annual revenue growth of 18.4 percent. A&S China Best Buys talks to Huimin Pang, Chairman of the Board and GM, about the company's core values and success story.

Founded in 1984, Dali Technology specializes in thermal-imaging cameras and sees great potential in many applications in the security world. A technology-focused company, Dali has more than 35 percent of its payroll in R&D and launched its very first DVR back in 2003. With two R&D centers in Hangzhou and Shanghai, the company has the technical edge to stay ahead of the competition.

“Always thinking ahead keeps us ahead in the industry,” said Huimin Pang, Chairman of the Board and GM, Dali Technology. “We were the first Chinese supplier to offer stand-alone DVRs back in 2003 when other Chinese manufacturers were still making compression cards. This exemplifies and underlines our capabilities.”

Strong Customization Capabilities
The company has collaborated with partners in a number of high-profile projects in China. According to Pang, the R&D team has accumulated strong capabilities in thermal-imaging technologies over the years and can easily apply its technological know-how in other applications. “Customization is our core competence,” Pang said. “Our target business is quite different from other Chinese suppliers', as they pay more attention to building up channels in China. We are more dedicated to customized and large-scale design, through cooperation with our partners.”

“Our R&D capabilities help us meet different customers' requirements,” he added. “Therefore, we might not enjoy the market share like the others do, but our R&D and customization capabilities are well-known and highly reputable in the industry.”

Aiming High and Going Overseas
This year, the company has shifted its focus to overseas markets. According to Pang, the company has invested more in overseas marketing and R&D investment to meet varying needs. With multinational collaboration experience, Pang believes the company will scale new heights on many grounds. “Our products are mainly sold to mature markets like Western Europe and the U.S.,” Pang said. “This year, we've further built up our product lines, to cover a fuller spectrum from high end to entry level. For example, our new 16-channel D1 DVR, 32-channel hybrid DVR and new cost-effective 1.5U DVR are good options for many.”

Network cameras are also on the company's to-do list. A key differentiator, Pang pointed out, is software engineering, as other camera suppliers might be using easy-to-source IP modules to make so-called network cameras. With in-house software design, Dali's network camera features built-in analytics. “In the very near future, our intelligent network camera will be able to work with our brand new innovation — 32-channel NVR and 32-channel hybrid DVR, thanks to our dedicated R&D team.”

The DV-DVR632TH stand-alone hybrid DVR, already available in China, features 32 analog channels and four digital inputs, with H.264 PLUS video compression algorithms. With a built-in matrix, it supports maximum IP video inputs of 720 pixels, D1 recording and an HDMI 1,080p video output. With in-house CMS, this hybrid DVR is compatible with systems running Apple's Mac and supports iPhone, Symbian, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile for remote monitoring via cellular handsets.

Quality Control for Perfection
This year, the company has experienced doubledigit growth when compared to last year's revenue. Overseas revenue now accounts for more than 50 percent of the company's turnover. Another secret ingredient to Dali's stunning performance, Pang said, is quality control and stringent checks and balances.

Armed with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, the company has been certified by ISO9001:2000 quality assurance, ISO14000 environment management as well as ISO18000 occupational health and safety management system and possesses certificates like CCC, CE and FCC.

Dali set an industry bar five years ago by starting to use environment-friendly materials. The company invested handsomely to acquire RoHS approval to ensure its products fully meet various requirements, demonstrating its commitment to stay ahead.

The company has also capitalized on its thermalimaging expertise to develop a unique examining procedure for its ICs or PCBs to ensure they are not overheated. “This reinforces our product quality and creates a significant barrier to other suppliers,” Pang said.

While maintaining its competitive advantage in innovation, the company adjusts and revises its marketing and sales strategies according to market conditions as well. With a flair for R&D, stringent quality control and ever-evolving strategies, Dali has more than what it takes to deliver sophisticated products and better service to the market.

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