3VR Security Surveillance Search Helps Roseville Police Combat Crimes

3VR Security Surveillance Search Helps Roseville Police Combat Crimes
3VR Security, a provider for intelligent surveillance and search, in partnership with security integrator Surveillance Systems Integration, announced that the Roseville, California Police Department identified and arrested a convicted felon just four days following the attempted robbery and threatening of a security guard of a major department store using 3VR's online community of fraud, loss prevention and law enforcement professionals dedicated to stopping crime.

“Using the solution, we were able to make a quick arrest on a case that was otherwise going to be unsolvable,” said Darin DeFreece, Detective Sergeant, Roseville Police Department.

The case involved an unknown suspect who attempted to steal high-end jewelry from a department store and then threatened a security guard with a deadly weapon before fleeing the scene.

“In most cases it would have been very difficult to apprehend a suspect following this kind of confrontation, but the store was able to provide us with an image of the suspect from their own surveillance system,” DeFreece said.

“The online community has brought surveillance, collaboration and crime fighting to a new level,” DeFreece said. “Prior to the system, we were contacting people one by one. Not only is that inefficient, but there's no information sharing and coordination between communities. We've never seen anything like this.”

The City of Roseville's vision for collaborative crime fighting extends beyond 3VR's solution to include using the 3VR video management system. With services from Surveillance Systems Integration, the City of Roseville has installed 3VR system that provides video analytics and a next generation video search engine. Through 3VR's remote monitoring capabilities, Roseville Police Department has access to the city's 3VR system, allowing heightened situational awareness and rapid response to potential citywide threats. The video search engine makes it easy to search video and pinpoint specific people or vehicles in minutes, dramatically shortening investigations and leading to quicker arrests and even prevention. With a direct integration between 3VR's system and online service, DeFreece can upload surveillance video directly from management system.

“We're working with retailers, financial institutions and other law enforcement agencies to promote the use of 3VR solutions because of its tremendous potential as a crime fighting tool,” DeFreece said.

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