Miktam Releases Video Mixer and Decoder

Miktam Releases Video Mixer and Decoder
Miktam Technologies Inc., a designer of mixed signal video semiconductor solutions for the security surveillance, automotive, and consumer electronics markets, today announced two multi-channel video capture products, the MIK2435 and MIK2455, which are video mixer and decoder respectively. These two products feature Miktam Technologies' advanced video decoding technology that has a leading decoding capacity in the industry, the unique FastSwitch(TM) feature that can double the number of input video channels without sacrificing signal integrity, five programmable audio ADCs, and are available in popular 128-pin LQFP package.

The MIK2435 and MIK2455 take advantage of a highly efficient decoding algorithm in creating sharper and finer images, fulfilling an increasingly large demand in today's economy for cost efficient and fast advancing surveillance solutions.

MIK2455 decoder can convert 4 channel NTSC or PAL video signals into 4 sets of 8-bit CCIR 656 format, while the MIK2435 mixes 4 video channels and reframes them into one SD (Standard Definition) video or HD (High Definition) video by using Miktam Technologies' advanced video decoding technology. An integrated audio mixer, which supports both I2S and line-in audio with 5 programmable audio ADCs and one audio DAC, is also included in both devices.

Both devices consume less than 400 mW in typical operation mode and less than 30 mW in power-down mode. A 1.8 V power supply is used for the digital and analog circuits and a 3.3 V power supply for the I/Os.

“The two products achieve higher performance than their competitors with a quarter of the space, while allowing lower manufacturing cost. In addition, our products include advance functions, such as FastSwitch? and deinterlace, that are usually not available in similar products,” said Thomas Chao, CEO of Miktam Technologies, Inc. “Customers who have evaluated our products are very pleased with the video quality and the innovative features.”
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