BRS Labs Behavioral Analytics Integrated into Boeing Security Platform

BRS Labs includes its behavioral analytics into the integrated Boeing Virtual Shield suite of products (VSOC). It is a part of the VSOC family of Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) solutions. BRS solution will provide behavioral analysis amidst the virtual shield suite of sensors including unattended ground sensors, Flir EO/IR cameras, ground radars, sniper shot detectors, radar and UAV platforms. The sensors are joined together by the VSOC sentinel core command and control situational awareness software platform.

“Boeing selected BRS solution after testing the software for several months in our video surveillance lab,” said John Thompson, SM for VSOC Virtual Shield. “The autonomous learning, ease of installation and integration into VSOC Sentinel made it a solid fit for our virtual shield platform. Our customers have been demanding an intelligent video surveillance capability and we believe BRS has developed the technology to fill this demand.”

BRS has developed the video surveillance behavioral analytics designed to autonomously serve as the eyes and brain for critical security environments, watching and identifying suspicious behavior 24/7. The artificial neural network able to track and identify hundreds of individual moving objects simultaneously, learns to differentiate between normal behavioral patterns and abnormal activity, alerting on suspicious actions as they unfold.
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