DVTel and Software House Collaborate on Technology Integration

DVTel, a provider of smart security solutions, announced the integration between DVTel's network VMS (NVMS) and Software House security and event management system creating an integrated security solution that delivers the power of each system's capabilities.

The DVTel NVMS integration module expands Software House management system capabilities by allowing live and recorded video viewing of NVMS cameras from within Software House system user interface. End users can also monitor events such as motion and analytics, which is of particular value since the DVTel platform already includes integrated video analytics. Users of the the security management monitoring station will enjoy a single operating platform for both access control and video and they will be able to perform video export, take snapshots, use on-screen PTZ control, trigger actions, display OSD and many more features right from the comfort of monitoring station. Advanced video features like displaying the motion indication timeline, analytic OSD indication and reports are available using the NVMS application. The merging of the operation of video surveillance into the access control system offers end users IP video functionality at their finger tips in a single monitoring station.

“The integration was completed without difficulty, in part because of the rich SDK that accompanies both the Software House software and the DVTel NVMS software. The API allowed us to merge key functionality of the NVMS software into the management platform and put them under the control of the security staff operating their monitoring stations,” said Vered Shinar, VP of Professional Engineering Services.

“As we continue our quest to bring together Software House management system with the security solutions using our open platform, we are pleased to include DVTel's NVMS as one of list of IP Video integrations with the system platform”, said Warren Brown, Director of Product Management for Software House. “Partnering with DVTel gives our customers yet another video option to choose from when building a complete security solution to fit their specific security requirements.”
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