Gunnebo and Salto Systems Enter Strategic Partnership

Gunnebo entered into a partnership with Salto Systems and is integrating their offline access equipment into its server supervision system.

Gunnebo, one of identification and access control system companies, entered into a partnership with Salto via its Business Unit Electronic Security. This alliance is based on Gunnebo integrating their offline access systems into its server supervision system. In so doing, the Swedish group will be extending its integrated server system with a new range of offline locking equipment.

"This partnership represents the next logical step in the development of our security offering. Our clients require global solutions and it's our position as a manufacturer combined with our ability to integrate other systems that sets us apart from the others,” said Gilbert Korchia, GM of Gunnebo's Business Unit Electronic Security. “Integrating Salto's offline equipment will complement our range of online readers, enabling us to provide clients with global access control systems. This will provide our clients with an overall solution which involves using one single card, thus combining flexibility and optimized installation and management costs," Korchia said.

"Salto is delighted to enter into this partnership. Gunnebo's presence on the world stage and the diversity of its security offering, together with its ability to integrate systems designed by other manufacturers ensure that it remains a major player,” said Marc Handels, Global Marketing VP of Salto Systems.
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