Brazilian Financial Institution Invests in VIVOTEK IP Surveillance

A financial institution located in Sao Paulo, Brazil is in the midst of a massive technology upgrade. It decided to complement its security system for data center access with a surveillance system based on network cameras.

The existing security system was designed to encompass even identification by iris recognition, but image monitoring was missing. Observing those needs, Alpha-Digi with IPSEC supplied VIVOTEK network cameras that strengthened the existing security system.

At the data center of this institution, one can find racks of servers for major banks, stock brokers and finance companies. The integrity of the data stored in these servers is extremely important, and any service or maintenance operation at this data center must be monitored. VIVOTEK cameras guarantee all image access to the data center. Installed for each server rack, the cameras provide detailed images when someone is performing server maintenance.

With the surveillance system installed inside the data center of this financial institution, the banks, stock brokers and finance companies feel more secure about storing their data at this institution's servers. They can rest assured that the surveillance system is efficient and has excellent quality. This is not just because of the cameras, but also because of the management software, which performs all camera management, recording of images and initiation of preset actions when a triggering event occurs.
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