Infinova Gives Surveillance Equipment to Argentinean University for Training Program

Infinova announced that Infinova Argentina has donated megapixel cameras, network cameras, a DVR and software to a new university program in Rosario that includes video surveillance in its IT program. In addition, under the Infinova Argentina banner, its integrator is providing literature, presentations and their technical manger's time as the professor for the classes. Attending the signing celebration August 23 were Adolph Salas, Infinova VP, Latin America and the Caribbean and Diego Nannini, President of Infinova Argentina.

"The signing of this cooperation agreement involving the provincial government, local firms such as Infinova Argentina, the engineering schools and the Foundation of the City of Rosaria will benefit more than 200 young people between 18 and 25 years of age,” Salas reported. “It is testimony to the importance of video surveillance that it is being taught in this program along with Java, network administration, web design and IP.”

The training, which is free and started Sept. 1, aims to generate technical training and personnel development for those already working and the unemployed to improve their employability, facilitate their development of labor and social skills, and strengthen links with the private sector for job placement.

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