Dallmeier Exhibits Surveillance Solution at Italian Museum

Dallmeier Exhibits Surveillance Solution at Italian Museum
The Museum Nicolaiano is located close to the centuries-old basilica of Saint Nicolas. It bears its name in honor of the patron saint of the Southern Italian city. In order to ensure that the valuable exhibits are secure, the museum was equipped with a high performance video surveillance system. German manufacturer Dallmeier provided its professional surveillance systems to fit for the security standards.

The Museum Nicolaiano in the Bari Apulian city is one of the main attractions of the “Cittadella Nicolaiano” borough, which is known for being an area of religious, touristic and cultural interest. Apart from the basilica the citadel also includes the church of San Gregorio, the "San Nicola" school, the columned hall "Portico deil Pellegrini," which is used for exhibitions, as well as the priory palace "Palazzo Priorale," the affiliated monastery and other surrounding buildings. Some of those buildings are privately owned. Entering the Citadella Nicolaiano from the seafront, the museum is situated on the right. Historically important art works, dating from the era of Byzantine rule to the present day are exhibited there.

Among the most important exhibits are liturgical vestments and insignia, paintings, icons and architectural fragments. The importance of the items is due to their historically religious or art significance.

The museum also has a multimedia area with a touch screen and a projection room for tourists, pilgrims and students. There, an interactive approach is taken to communicate religious, historical, artistic and ecumenical contents. Those include the biography of Saint Nicolas, the translation of his relics, the history of the basilica, their connections with the city of Bari and Europe as well as the ecumenical role between the catholic occident and the orthodox orient. The museum, designed for an international audience, is equipped with modern audio guides with texts in Italian, English, German and Russian.

“With the ultra wide dynamic range technology, the Dallmeier cameras have an advantage. They can capture more details in the shadow areas and the bright areas. They produce high-contrast and true-color images without any blooming or smearing even under the most difficult lighting conditions,” said Francesco Rana, responsible for the museum's security. “My approach is aimed at creating and fostering awareness for security-related issues. The idea was to make clear that the technologies are meant to protect the works of art and the buildings. The technologies are not meant to be used to merely reconstruct events."

The Director of the museum Alessio Romano is satisfied with the image quality and Dallmeier professionalism. Through Dallmeier's official Italian representation and with the help of the local partner company Delta System Technology the museum received comprehensive support in choosing a solution that would meet the specific requirements of museum security.
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