Avigilon HD Surveillance Patrols at US Community

Avigilon, a provider of HD and megapixel video surveillance systems, announced that the City of Selma, Alabama has deployed the Avigilon HD surveillance system to boost community safety and reduce criminal activity. Deployed at the Selma Police Department (SPD) and at the Selma Housing Authority's George Washington Carver (GWC) complex, a 215- apartment facility with more than 500 tenants, the Avigilon HD surveillance system has helped reduce criminal activity by 75 percent.

“Community safety is our primary goal and we are committed to doing whatever is required to help us make our city a safer place to live, work, and visit,” said Mayor George Patrick Evans. “By deploying the Avigilon HD surveillance system at police headquarters and GWC, we have taken the first steps in boosting safety and reducing criminal activity across our community.”

The City of Selma manages the Avigilon HD surveillance system using Avigilon control center network VMS (NVMS). The city has installed more than 30 HD cameras ranging from 3 to 5 megapixels to monitor the exterior of the GWC complex and at police headquarters to monitor the parking lot, main lobby, booking rooms, holding cells, Magistrate's Office and the Selma Municipal Court. The SPD installed several Avigilon analog video encoders to create a hybrid surveillance system that improves the performance of its existing analog cameras. The city has also installed a HD camera to monitor the Mayor's Office at City Hall. Storing up to 45 days of continuous surveillance video, the surveillance system is monitored around-the-clock at both the SPD and GWC complex.

With a city-wide HD surveillance system connecting the SPD and Selma Housing Authority, the City of Selma can ensure greater coverage and overall protection across the municipality. Since installing the Avigilon system, the city has seen a significant reduction in criminal activity at GWC. The number of criminal reports has dropped 75 percent from 40 each week to less than 10. According to Chief of Police William Riley, the surveillance system is both 100 percent more reliable and more functional than the SPD's previous analog-based system, and has become an important investigative tool. The system is an open and scalable solution that allows the City of Selma to leverage its existing infrastructure and will easily grow to meet evolving needs as the city moves forward with major expansion plans.
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