HID Access Control Solution Protects Chinese People's Procuratorate

HID Access Control Solution Protects Chinese People's Procuratorate
HID Global physical access solutions safeguarded the personnel, law enforcement areas and important properties of Jinwan Procuratorate.

Zhuhai City Jinwan District People's Procuratorate is located in Sihucheng District, Zhuhai city. Built in 2009, it houses of the Anti-Corruption Bureau, Code of Conduct Bureau, Policy Department, General Office, Inspection and Supervision Department, Public Complaints Department, Commercial Crime Prevention Department, Civil Administrative Procurator Department, and Prosecution, Claims and Procurator Department. As an important judiciary and law enforcement authority in China, Jinwan District People's Procuratorate is responsible for criminal investigation, prosecution and appeal. In 2009, it handled more than 200 cases and was named “the most efficient procuratorate” by the local residents.

Jinwan Procuratorate stored a number of important and confidential documents and related exhibits such as guns and weapons in Jinwan Procuratorate. Any data leakage or loss of weapons would threaten lives and property of the judiciary personnel and general public. To ensure the implementation of judicial procedures and safeguard confidential data, exhibits and judiciary personnel, Jinwan Procuratorate has imposed strict brand and technology requirements on the access control security system and below criteria was taken into account.

* Strong antidecryption capability: This was particularly important since the Mifare technology has been decoded

* Flexibility and scalability for future upgrades: To couple with the enhancements being made to its premises, the procuratorate wanted a solution that could eventually be integrated other applications, such as time and attendance management and cashless payment

* Strong access authority control: The physical security system needed to facilitate strict access management in key areas and control the entry time zones and access levels of specific areas

* Prompt and timely technical support and maintenance services

After comparing several local and international brands, Jinwan People's Procuratorate selected HID's solutions for its technology, comprehensive after-sales support and lifetime warranty. Network controller, reader interfaces and different models of HID readers and smart cards were installed according to security requirements.

The highest security level area was their gun cellar, which required the most stringent access management where using cards and readers alone was not the most effective way to control access. Whenever any cards were lost, that meant access could potentially have been granted to unauthorized persons. To address this issue, HID readers have been installed in this area and fingerprint templates of individual personnel are stored on contactless smart cards; users had to perform dual authentication by card presentation plus biometric fingerprint for identity verification.

In high security level zones, such as the server room housing the network controller, HID card readers were installed to prevent loss of confidential files, where RK40 requires dual authentication by card and PIN verification to tighten the security levels in these areas. For other low-risk areas such as the general office, HID contactless smart card readers were used to restrict access.

At the same time, central access management was achieved by connecting controller with host PC and network through TCP/IP protocol. The administrator can perform all execution commands including tracking and changing access card data and access authority, time/attendance management and report generation. Additionally, HID controller supports offline operation, which controls and communicates with door/ reader interfaces via RS-485 connection when offline with the host. And after the communications were restored, all buffered transactions are uploaded to the host. The modular structure of controllers guaranteed the system stability and venue security.

Integrated with the central station software, network access system can be easily upgraded to accommodate the expansion plan of Jinwan Procuratorate. The system can also eventually integrate with others, such as cashless payment, book borrowing and more to optimize the use of a “single card” solution.

Having operated for one year, the system solved the access management issues for Jinwan Procuratorate. “In the past, we could hardly monitor the personnel's access in key zones. When articles were lost, we had no clues on how to find them, which resulted in a loss and this also posed a security threat,” said Mr. Yang, Engineer of the Procuratorate. “However, after using HID's physical access solutions, key zone management, it becomes easy. By using cards and readers, we enforced stringent access authority management. We can set access levels to restrict the entry to designated personnel or specific time.”

“For the public areas, the network system automatically records all the activities for tracking and monitoring,” Yang said. “In addition to access authority management, the antidecryption capability of cards and readers was particular important to us, especially after Mifare technology has been decoded.”

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