Insease Distributes Emza Visual Sense Intelligent Sensors in China

Emza Visual Sense, a provider of autonomous outdoor video analytic sensor, entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with Insease Technology, a system integrator and distributor of security video products throughout China.

Insease is a system integrator and a distributor majoring in project integration, networking and video surveillance. With branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xian, Jinan, Nanjing, Shenzhen and Chengdu and with numerous partners in the Chinese AV/ security market, Insease will establish a distribution network throughout China.

According to the agreement, Insease will integrate Emza products in its security projects and will sell Emza intelligent video sensors and security solutions to its customers. Insease will function as Emza's first line of support to Emza products in China.

Insease is good at service excellence, high stock availability, expert technical support and after-sales service. “By adding Emza's intrusion detection video sensors to our portfolio, we can offer our customers security, perimeters protection, intrusion detection and verification for any kind of outdoor facilities,” said Mr. Wang, VP of Insease.

“Insease is an important partner for us. Emza considers this agreement to be strategic partnership that can help Emza products penetrate the video security market in China. Adding Insease to Emza's list of global partners enhances Emza's position, and enables Emza to strengthen its position as a provider of detection and verification video sensors around the globe,” said Yossi Givati, Emza's co-founder and VP of Products Marketing and Customers Services.
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