KSW Microtec extends CEO's contract

KSW Microtec extends CEO's contract
Thomas Hitzer remains at the helm

Dresden, Germany, July 5 – KSW Microtec, one of the world's leading suppliers of RFID components and inlays for secure cards and other form factors, has extended the contract of its CEO, Thomas Hitzer.

The supervisory board at KSW Microtec, recently announced Mr. Hitzer's reappointment.

“Thomas Hitzer has been a strengthening force at KSW Microtec, positioning the company as a leading innovator and trendsetter in the RFID marketplace,” says Mr. Falk Nuber, chairman of KSW Microtec AG.

Apart from forging new industry alliances and opening opportunities in other vertical markets, including the government sector, Thomas Hitzer has lead to the launch of industry-transforming products, such as KSW's Thinlam? generation of thinnest RFID pre-laminates. These are commonly used in the manufacture of government ID documents including passports, driver's licenses and identity cards. They are also widely used in the issuance of ePayment and financial cards and are ideal for the use in sensitive situations such as ID for secure installations and the military.
Thomas Hitzer says “All the important steps taken in the last few years have not been done by myself but are the result of a good working team. I am very much looking forward to the further trendsetting and innovative steps we will make in the near future.”

Thomas Hitzer joined KSW Microtec as member of the management board in July 2007 and took over responsibility for sales, business development, marketing, strategic corporate development as well as product development. He was appointed CEO in September 2007.
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