Gallagher Security and Pelco Enter Technology Partnership

Pelco, by Schneider Electric and Gallagher Security announced the integration of Pelco NVRs with the Gallagher access control platform offering end users a bidirectional interface.

Following more than a year of collaborative research and development between the two companies the integration of the access control software and Pelco NVRs allows alarms or other signals generated by Gallagher platform to activate and control video recorders for an instant view of security incidents. Likewise, Pelco video recorders with motion-sensing capabilities can produce an alert through the access control platform to a security station.

“Our collaboration with Gallagher security management systems demonstrates the Pelco commitment to be a true open systems provider through our Partner First Program,” said Stéphane Lantoine, Business Development Manager EMEA, Pelco. “We are excited about this integration, as the management gives our customers a scalable option for IP recording, with the flexibility to incorporate future technological advancements.”

”Gallagher is searching for third-party partners who can help us offer a quality solution for our end users via our Compatible Technologies Program,” said Curtis Edgecombe, GM of Gallagher Security. “This partnership not only enables integration with the video surveillance solutions by Pelco, it also enhances the future capabilities of the access control system and its value in the marketplace.”
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