SG Digital Becomes an HDcctv Alliance Member

The HDcctv Alliance, a security industry consortium established to manage and promulgate technical standards for HDcctv equipment interoperability, announced that SG Digital, a provider of prototype HDcctv equipment including cameras and DVRs, has joined the alliance to market a complete range of HDcctv-compliant products.

“SG Digital is in agreement with the purpose and direction the alliance is taking. We began testing the waters with uncompressed HDTV over coax in 2008, and found that most everyone had the same response: ‘You can do that?!! How much does it cost?'” said Randy Jones, President of SG Digital. “Joining the alliance reinforces SG Digital's commitment to remain ahead of the curve in development of HD products by following the alliance guidelines of interoperability.

“SG Digital has a reputation for working with integrators to deliver customized products and capabilities that are advantageous to integrators when going after larger accounts,” said Todd Rockoff, Executive Director of HDcctv Alliance. “SG Digital has already recognized the market trend toward HDcctv and now, by joining the alliance, has ensured their role as a leader in the video surveillance equipment industry.”
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