CNL Launches Technology Alliance Program

CNL, a provider of Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) software, launched Technology Alliance Program (TAP). The program will allow greater interoperability between disparate security technologies, giving end users the ability to create optimized solutions for risk reduction within their organizations.

With increased end-user demand for PSIM solutions, system manufacturers are realizing the benefit of inclusion within these PSIM deployments. The TAP builds on the work CNL has achieved with manufacturers who share a common view on open and interoperable security systems. It recognizes the strategic value of partners' products and enables greater integration between technologies. This is achieved by creating a formalized relationship between CNL and these manufacturers, providing a host of benefits for these organizations that include: 

●  Opportunity for joint leads through CNL's channel alliance program 
●  Inclusion in large PSIM deployments 
●  Ability to influence management system framework to provide competitive advantage 
●  Creation of partner solution guides 
●  Joint marketing participation at strategic events 
●  A certified support statement 
●  CNL's driver development kit, enabling partners to generate their own security management system drivers 
●  Inclusion on the CNL website 
●  Invitation to the annual CNL TAP event

“One of my tasks is to manage the increasing number of requests we receive from manufacturers wanting to integrate their products into our PSIM platform,” said Greg Knight, the recently anointed CTO at CNL. “Many of them have recognized that together with their own security applications, tight integration with management systems provides an increase in available market with a stronger strategic value proposition. It allows them access to enterprise-wide security hardening programs, homeland defense projects and critical infrastructure protection opportunities.”

“We value the investment these manufacturers have made and continue to do so in identifying customer requirements and enhancing these with added features and functionally gained by the integration with their products,“ Knight said.
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