BAE Systems Awarded $49.9 Million DARPA Surveillance System Contract

After successful development of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency's daytime persistent surveillance system, BAE Systems has been awarded an additional US$49.9 million contract to develop the processor for the agency's nighttime, IR system.

The surveillance system provides real-time and nighttime video surveillance capability for US combat forces for detecting, locating, tracking and monitoring events on battlefields and in urban areas. The system is developed for compatibility with a variety of unmanned aerial systems.

BAE's electronic solutions sector, headquartered in Nashua, will be responsible for the design, development, manufacture and test of the airborne processing subsystem. Additionally, BAE will integrate an IR sensor subsystem over the course of the 32-month, eight-phase project.

"The solution expands military capability by providing 24-hour, day-night reconnaissance and surveillance capabilities over a much wider area than previously possible," said John Antoniades, Program Manager and Director of ISR technology for BAE Systems. "Following the successful development of the daytime version of ARGUS, the new APS establishes appreciably expanded capability, and will be designed for use with a number of possible platforms."
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