Intergraph Management Software Deployed in Jordan for Homeland Security

The Kingdom of Jordan has deployed Intergraph public safety and security incident management software as part of a nationwide homeland security initiative to prevent and respond to local and regional terrorism threats and related security challenges.

Intergraph's public safety and security incident management software supports police, fire, and emergency response agency operations throughout the 648-square-mile capital city of Amman by providing incident response for its nearly two million residents. It also provides command level viewing required for coordinated response during multiagency and multi-incident emergencies and the planned expansion to a nationwide security system.

The homeland security initiative includes the deployment of Intergraph public safety and security incident management software at the Jordan Central Command & Communication Center as well as at eight regional facilities throughout Amman, Jordan. The Intergraph software, which was converted to Arabic for the implementation, has been used to manage a daily average of 14,000 calls for emergency service.

In future phases of the project, Intergraph will deploy automated vehicle location capabilities to enhance the daily operational procedures conducted by law enforcement agencies. The Intergraph public safety and security solution will also include access control and video assessment capabilities for Jordan's critical infrastructure enabling security personnel to quickly view and determine the location of an incident, analyze threat assessment and choose the appropriate response resources. Additionally, the Intergraph system will provide a comprehensive security overview of areas of operations, as well as real-time information regarding designated units' related activities.

"Intergraph's public safety and security solutions are the foundation of our national unified emergency response system," said an unnamed source involved in the project.

"Integrated, scalable incident management solutions are essential in today's complex national security environment," said Jeff Vining, VP and Research Analyst, Gartner for government, homeland security and law enforcement. "The ability to geospatially detect, display and quickly respond to incidents is the foundation of any homeland security initiative."
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