Nice Systems and DVTel Cooperate for Open Situational Management

Nice Systems, a provider of intent-based solutions that enable enterprises and security organizations to extract insight from interactions, transactions and surveillance to drive business performance, reduce risk and ensure safety, continued to advance its open situation management initiative for multisensor security deployments. As part of the initiative, Nice situation management software platform will be interoperable with DVTel's network VMS.

Nice solution has more than 150 gateways to different security and safety systems, including video surveillance, communication devices, access control, intrusion sensors, fire and safety, geo-location, building management, web feeds, and data bases. Combined with DVTel's network VMS, Nice solution can enable organizations to employ a broad number of video surveillance technologies as a single, integrated situational awareness solution. Events and behaviors that can be communicated include viewing of live and recorded video, enhanced with metadata; integrated geographical information system and video solution (geographical orientation-related events); video-related alarms to trigger Nice responses; and zone management among others.

The combined solution is installed at high-end government security facilities and sporting/gaming events.

“We are excited about cooperating with Nice on an interoperable, open solution,” said Eli Gorovici, President and CEO of DVTel. “The combination enables security focused organizations to benefit from DVTel's IP video management and video analytic solutions, along with Nice's capabilities for correlating data from diverse security, safety and operational systems. This is a great example of how DVTel's API set supports our mission work in various situations with third-party solutions.”

“The cooperation reflects our commitment to the market to continue to ensure the interoperability of Nice software platform with security, safety and management solutions,” said Israel Livnat, President, Nice Security. “By actively promoting the adoption of standards Nice enables security organizations and system integrators to choose the components of a security solution that best meet their safety and security goals.”
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