HID and UPM Raflatac Enter Technology Partnership

HID Global, solutions provider for secure identity, and UPM Raflatac, a supplier of pressure sensitive label stock and manufacturer of RFID tags and inlays, announced a worldwide technology license agreement that enables UPM to incorporate HID's tamperproof and secure RFID sealing label technology and IP into their contactless product family. UPM is the first company to offer HID's secure RFID sealing solution worldwide.

“UPM has pioneered the RFID retail and logistics market during the last ten years and has achieved a leading market position,” said Samuli Str?mberg, Marketing VP, RFID, at UPM. “The worldwide licensing agreement with HID solidifies our commitment to offering world-class secure sealing solutions.”

“HID's intellectual property portfolio continues to grow due to an increased emphasis on protecting our innovation as well as a number of mergers and acquisitions,” said Tam Hulusi, Senior VP, Strategic Innovation and Intellectual Property at HID.

For HID, the licensing agreement is part of its ongoing general patent portfolio licensing and HID initiatives. In the first phase of the agreement, UPM will incorporate the licensed technology into tamperproof RFID sealing tags for liquid containers. The RFID tags will be used to ensure the integrity and origin of the liquid in the container. These tags help prevent and identify the tampering and unauthorized refilling of containers by indicating when a container is opened or when attempts are made to remove the tag. In the second phase of the agreement, UPM will extend HID's technology to other fields of use also covered by the license agreement, including consumer electronics and components, pharmaceutical packaging and vehicle identification.
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