US Marines Upgrade with Smiths Chemical Detection

US Marines Upgrade with Smiths Chemical Detection
Smiths Detection announced the US Marines will begin installing the company's chemical detectors to their fleet as part of the Marine Air-Ground task force assessment and consequence management program for chemical agent identification systems. The upgrade maximizes system capabilities and performance in the most cost-effective way. 

Smiths Detection's solution provides comprehensive in-field analysis and identification of unknown solids, gels and liquids. It enables military personnel and emergency responders to quickly identify potential chemical threats and make decisive life-saving decisions in response.

“With thousands of chemical-detector systems in use across the world, the upgrade allows current users to update their capabilities of in-field threat identification without having to retrain personnel or purchase additional equipment. In this time of fiscal responsibility, the Marine will be updating its chemical detection technology and also maximizing previous investments,” said Bob Bohn, VP of Sales for the Americas, Smiths Detection.

The upgrade includes optimized mixture algorithms, larger substance libraries, chemical hazard classification for not-in-library substances, easy-to-connect Bluetooth wireless communications, and integrated software by AristaTek providing critical information management and decision support.
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