US Naval Training Facility Adopts RAPIDGate Access Control

Naval Air Station Key West (NAS Key West) is participating in the Navy initiative to increase security and streamline installation access by implementing the RAPIDGate program. The patented program, offered by Eid Passport, will manage installation access for vendors, suppliers, service providers and contractors. The program is offered as a solution to mitigate the delays expected as a result of recent changes in Department of Defense (DoD) and Commander, Navy Installations Command (CNIC) security directives requiring tighter security requirements to access Navy installations.

RAPIDGate Program participants receive a long-term access credential after they pass a background screening process and are approved by the installation. Credentials are electronically scanned and verified by security personnel in a matter of a few seconds. The program includes company enrollment, sponsorship, employee registration, employment status validation, identity authentication, background screening, biometric verification and entry authorization.

“We are proud the RAPIDGate program has been chosen to secure NAS Key West, a premier training facility for tactical aviation squadrons,” said Steve Larson, CEO for Eid Passport. “The program will increase security for all personnel while providing streamlined access for companies who provide products and services to the air station.”

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