Vimicro Video Surveillance Solutions Take Care of Chinese Campus Students

Vimicro International, a multimedia semiconductor and solution provider, announced that its video surveillance solutions have been officially adopted by the management commission of the Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area (TEDA) as part of the Safe Campus Project. Vimicro's surveillance solutions will be installed in all of the 15 kindergarten, primary and middle schools under TEDA administration. The TEDA campus security monitoring project is designed to expand the development of the Safe Campus Project and provide a more secure and orderly educational environment for students.

The Vimicro installation provides a complete digital surveillance system, including integrated video monitoring, notification capabilities and intelligent identification systems. These technologies enable campus security monitoring and management operation in a more systematic and efficient manner. The Vimicro surveillance solutions are primarily utilized at campus entrances, exits, canteens, stadiums, financial offices and other key areas requiring monitoring. Additionally, Vimicro's surveillance technology was selected for its anti-intrusion design using photoelectric beams to detect unexpected motion or activity and activate an alarm controller and video monitoring system for immediate response. These surveillance solutions enhance the campus capacity for effectively preventing and dealing with emergencies and accidents.

"The TEDA campus security monitoring project is a key part of developing digital campuses in China and also serves as a significant advancement in reforming campus management capabilities in order to address ongoing campus security concerns. This project is focused in the Tianjin Binhai New Area, a key national level Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in China. Many experimental government and administrative advancements are being tested in SEZ for launch throughout China. Vimicro's installation in this key area will help promote the Safe Campus Project on a national level in China," said John Deng, Chairman and CEO for Vimicro.
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