Altronix Transceiver Transmits Long-distance Video for Chicago Metro Complex

When Altronix designed their UTP transceivers, the objective was to provide an integrated system solution to send high quality video over long distances via structured cable. Since their introduction, Altronix UTP transceiver has gained traction for video surveillance applications in large multiuse complexes and campus applications where cameras are deployed over long distances and video quality is critical.

These key attributes and UTP transceiver's overall versatile capabilities were exactly what M&R Electronic Systems, were looking for when designing the video surveillance system for Centrum Properties Roosevelt Collection project, a luxury urban residential, retail, entertainment complex in Chicago's South Loop district.

The Roosevelt Collection comprises two 8-story 342-unit residential lofts, a 2-level retail plaza, a 16-screen movie cinema and an enclosed 1500 vehicle three-level parking garage. M&R Electronic Systems was the winning bidder for the video surveillance and security system, which called for approximately 100 cameras to be installed throughout the two-block city square complex covering approximately 1.3 million square feet.

“The long cable distances and the absence of a building-wide local area network prohibited us from using IP-based cameras, and due to the number of cameras being deployed, installing individual coax and power cables for each analog camera would have been very expensive and labor intensive,” said Chuck Augello, Senior PM, M&R Electronic Systems. “By using UTP transceivers from Altronix, we reduced the installation and cabling costs without sacrificing video quality.”

“We bid and secured the project within the budgeted amount based on our design submission employing analog cameras,” said Mr. Superfine. There were very few utility closets and we had only a few collecting points to which we could bring the cabling back. That's why the combination of Altronix UTP transceiver hubs and power injectors worked so well. We wired the power injectors in the IDF closets that were available to power the cameras, and then transmit video and data signals to the UTP transceiver hubs at the MDF.”

“Altronix UTP transceivers were ideal for this application and provided an efficient solution,” added Jim Valentino, VP of M&R Electronic Systems. “The centralized transmission system also makes it easier for servicing because if there is an issue with a camera, it is easier to pinpoint the problem.”

In addition to the surveillance system, M&R Electronic Systems provided and installed access control systems, fire/voice alarm systems, intercom systems, voice, data and video wiring, sound systems and emergency response systems for Roosevelt Collection. M&R has designated Altronix products as the standard for their card access and video surveillance installations because of their reliability and proven performance.

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