Sunell Technology, a leading surveillance camera supplier in China, focuses on developing network transmission technology. With advanced and mature in-house technology conforming to open standards, Sunell launches a full series of top-notch network cameras.

When CCTV was born, technology progress was held back by the video standards of the time: PAL and NTSC formats. Now as IP emerges, technology progress has improved at an increasing level, with network products having increased market potential. Consumers can easily buy digital cameras using CMOS sensors with more than 12 megapixels.

Video surveillance reaps the rewards of these developments in IP portfolio, but it does not mean a simple off-the-shelf solution. As Sunell increases its product range, this includes 2-megapixel CMOS cameras offering real-time HD resolution at 1080p 30, or 1,920 x 1,020 pixels at real-time. This level fits most user's demands. Newer cameras offer a new standard of resolution, including 3-megapixel and 5-megapixel models. However, frame rate is currently a bottleneck.

Fitting It All In
When users move to 3-megapixel and 5-megapixel cameras, the 5-megapixel camera boasts resolution of about 2,500 x 2,000 pixels. This pixel count goes beyond what most display can show, so users will see live video with some detail gone.

Recording these larger images also requires more storage space and decoding hardware. Bigger does not always mean better. Specialist applications need high-end products, such as the Sunell software development kit (SDK), which gives full control. Speed is important, as most people experience a single network camera connected to a computer, which initially looks great. However, when the cameras are rolled out for large-scale installations,

bottlenecks and other limitations become apparent. The real-time megapixel video streamed to the monitor will end up looking like cheap webcam footage.

Video Standards: ONVIF
The IP video surveillance market has gradually become mainstream for security monitoring. There are more professional NVRs, management software and network video solutions than ever. Such diverse offerings from many different manufacturers provide users with a more professional and comprehensive product range. Customers are given more control and are presented with more choices. With sufficient authorization, IP allows operators to perform video surveillance anytime and anywhere.

But things are not so simple, as the world has many different brands of cameras. Operators must access network cameras to be automatically discovered and manage cameras from different brands to see their video streams. Other IP surveillance issues include unified management, shortening the integration time for network cameras and reducing the high cost of software integration.

Open, unified access and network product standards are the only way to resolve these issues. ONVIF is becoming a requirement for IP offerings, with more than 200 companies as its members. ONVIF brings the software side of IP to a level that everyone can choose different vendors, from NVRs to smart video and more. The integration of many software providers, manufacturers and end users will all benefit from the ONVIF standard.

As a member of ONVIF, Sunell has been dedicated to the global promotion of open interface standards. Sunell is proud to be the first Chinese company offering full compliance for all products. Its IP platform is developed so its range of products all run the same Kernel (OS), which means it has a solid foundation for reliability and stability. All products are built on proven technology and provide great future-proofing. Customer can enjoy upgrades like ONVIF compliance without needing to pay.

Bright Future
More projects involve large-scale IP rollouts. Sunell is currently one of the few companies in China which can deliver and assist on this scale of integration.

Sunell's future road map is always responsive to market requests and feedback. The company takes pride in customers as not just means to an end, but as a partner to listen and learn from. An ever increasing team of R&D staff work to bring suitable solutions to the market.

Sunell donates to charities and local support groups as part of its top management philosophy. Product packaging has been changed to remove all nonrecyclable materials and use only CFC-free supplies. Its PTZ cameras now use air-filled packaging, instead of polyethylene packaging foam, to reduce the company's carbon footprint.

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