Frost & Sullivan: Security Integrators Reap Customized Retail Solutions

The retail sector continues to face many volatile risks that jeopardize its bottom line. Although always vital, security is now being increasingly prioritized as an integral element of business operations. Many security solution integrators utilize their technical, risk-management knowledge and offer customized, advanced solutions to gain a competitive edge in the retail sector.

In a recently conducted survey of 100 retail security managers, Frost & Sullivan, global growth consultancy, found that managers are very much aware of the importance of creating solutions customized to their specific operational and security requirements. "The majority of retailers, when asked about unmet needs, point out that customized services, innovative technology and the integration of old and new security systems are all value-added services that retailers are starting to expect from their system integrators," said Matia Grossi, Research Manager for the Physical Security Group, Frost & Sullivan.

Many integrators have already sharpened their security skills through activity in heated markets, such as banking and critical infrastructure. Now, with this experience, they are prepared to increase their market presence in the retail sector. This trend has been confirmed by the recent announcement from the security integrator, Niscayah, regarding a substantial new contract involving 350 retail outlets in the Netherlands. Niscayah introduced the "Niscayah One-for'All” retail concept, which includes implementation, maintenance and system operation, offering remote operation and single point of contact for the customer.

Frost & Sullivan's survey also shows that retailers are interested in the alternative benefits offered by newer security technologies. A good example of this is video analytics. "More than 70 percent of those we interviewed declared an awareness of the utility of video surveillance for applications beyond pure security, such as customer counting and demographic and queue monitoring, with varying percentages for each application. Roughly 80 percent of those aware of this possibility suggested they are also looking actively into the potential deployment of video analytics," Grossi said.


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