AlarmWATCH and HeiTel Digital Video Enter Technology Partnership

AlarmWatch, a UL-certified central monitoring station known for its business solutions and customer care approach, has partnered with HeiTel Digital Video, a developer of hardware and software solutions for the video intervention and remote-monitoring markets. This partnership enables AlarmWatch to expand its real-time video technology surveillance services to protect thousands of U.S. businesses and residents from emergent threats.

HeiTel is known for its video gateways which brings video into the central monitoring station from existing surveillance equipment. This new surveillance technology will provide real-time video, plus two-way audio communication from a customer site. AlarmWatch operators can view the live video linked to incoming alerts to visually experience an impending security threat and to accurately intervene with specific details and appropriate action.

“HeiTel's video gateways make sense for AlarmWatch because of the company's strong dealer relationships that until now did not have an effective model to obtain recurring monthly revenues from existing surveillance accounts,” said Dirk Ostermann, CEO of HeiTel USA. “We are excited to provide our video gateways as a technology solution to promote the expansion of AlarmWatch services.”

“High-tech surveillance technologies provide solutions for central monitoring systems to be the ‘eyes and ears' for businesses and individuals to feel safe and protected in any emergency,” said Guy Kline, VP of Sales and Marketing. “AlarmWatch can now offer a host of new video prevention and visual monitoring services through the deployment of live video intelligence using HeiTel's video gateways. We're the company who calls the police, the fire station, a business or home owner when a situation arises that requires immediate attention. Through video surveillance, we can effectively provide intervention in the case of a home alarm not being set; notify a business owner of a burglary or potential fire hazard or provide a detailed description to law enforcement of an intruder at the scene of a crime.”

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