ThruVision Systems Detecting Solutions Screen at Bermuda Entry Ports

ThruVision Systems announced that the Bermuda Customs has deployed its stand-off detection products.

The agency introduced risk-based inspection processes and nonintrusive scanning technology at ports of entry to support the facilitation of legitimate trade while enhancing border security and detection of illicit goods. The use of ThruVision's products is a vital part of achieving these objectives.

The stand-off detection equipment facilitates the discreet screening of passengers for concealed items as they enter Bermuda, assisting in revenue assessment/collection along with detecting illegal contraband. ThruVision's detection equipment is non-radiating so it is entirely safe for the general public and does not image intimate body details, thereby respecting passenger privacy.

“We are delighted to be working with the Bermuda Customs,” said Clive Beattie, CEO of ThruVision Systems. “Our stand-off detection products are designed to assist law enforcement agencies without inconveniencing law-abiding members of the public, providing safety and stability to our communities, with minimal impact on the existing infrastructure and operations.”

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