Axview Invests Greatly in Software and Refines Network Product Line with NVR

Axview Invests Greatly in Software and Refines Network Product Line with NVR

Axview Technology, a subsidiary of Australia-based HIPROTE Group, was established in 2001 in Shenzhen, China. The company is dedicated to network camera development. It not only strengthens its hardware manufacturing capability but also develops software functions to meet customer requirements. In this issue, A&S China Best Buys talks to Hazel Chen, Overseas Marketing Manager at Axview, about the company's key competence.

Strong Presence in China
Axview Technology's parent company HIPROTE Group has been active in Chinese market for more than a decade. The company's solutions have been applied in various applications, including banking, government, city surveillance, transportation, residential, medical, industrial and airports. Some notable projects include the Shanghai Expo 2010 and the Shanghai Pudong and Hongqiao airports.

This strong presence in Chinese applications provides solid proof of Axview's product stability and outstanding performance, which has impressed international customers. “The first overseas application was back in 2008 in Turkey,” said Hazel Chen, Overseas Marketing Manager at Axview Technology. “It was a project that installed more than 50 network speed domes and 300 Wi-fi network cameras under a wireless transmission scenario.”

Chen pointed out that there will be another case for Europe Union project which requires more than 500 2.0-megapixels network cameras. Meanwhile, integration is required with some advanced intelligent functions and interoperability with other products.

Software Investment
The company has cooperated with third-party software players, including video analytics and software management for years. These partnerships provide its customers with advanced functions and software ease of use, with function icons.

As for video analytics software, Chen believes network cameras with strong video analytics are a serious trend. Axview's goals are to supply quality products and offer good service. Therefore, to cater to customer requirements, the organization began partnering with reputable analytics providers.

Today, the company has successfully integrated its wide range of surveillance cameras with advanced video analytics functions. As a result, Axview has become a leading surveillance manufacturer and total solution supplier, providing customers with an effective end-to-end surveillance solution.

Front-End to Back-End
Recently, the company has introduced a new product, a NVR. With years of dedication and experience in network products, the NVR allows customers to have more choices in the company's network product lineup. Chen pointed out that Axview is focused on networkrelated products and believes that IP will definitely be a dominant trend in the industry.

With in-house software embedded in the server, the new NVR offers all-in-one functions, enabling easy management. An enhanced Linux open platform ensures product stability. This not only provides end users the capability for future development but also offers increased protection from viruses, compared to Windows-based platforms.

The NVR provides scalability to the security system, if end users want to expand their systems. Through a built-in Internet Explorer browser, end users can easily perform remote monitoring and operation. “We designed our own software interface based on foreign user logic and usage behavior,” Chen said. “This leads our customers to operate and manage the system. Besides, on the software interface, we make complicated technical functions simple by using icons, which is highly appreciated by our customers. And this software is compatible with the full series of Axview's network cameras.”

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