Legic ID Card Manages Employees Access at Crane Manufacturer

The need for a new locking system as well as an access control and time and attendance system became apparent during new building work.

The Wilbert Group employs around 140 staff and specializes in the manufacture, sale, lease, assembly and servicing of tower cranes. To date, the company has already produced 150 tower cranes and sold and leased them to customers throughout Europe and in Canada.

The time and attendance and access control system had to be both convenient and compatible with the existing payroll software. There was no question of installing an online access control system that involved wiring the doors because of the size of the company's site accounting for 12,000 square meters. The idea of deploying a Kaba mechatronic solution was enthusiastically received.

Wilbert had more than 60 components from Kaba's product portfolio installed. In addition, all security-relevant doors were equipped with self-locking anti-panic locks.

The CardLink concept combines the online systems with the mechatronic locking system through a Legic credential. Employees' access authorizations are written to the Legic ID via online readers. The mechatronic component of the door checks whether the credential is valid and opens the door if the employee is authorized to enter. The door requires no other additional devices or wiring of any kind. A modern update mechanism ensures that users receive modified access rights easily and quickly on an online reader and transfers these rights to their personal identification credential at individual access points.

Wilbert opted for an employee ID in the form of a key fob because such fobs are small and can be securely attached to a bunch of keys. The entire system went live when the company moved into its new premises without having to perform any prior testing. Since then, employees validate their Legic chip at the turnstile every day and are given appropriate authorization. The employees record also their presence times with time & attendance terminals from Kaba with the same comfortable and contactless chip.

“The Legic technology combined with the Kaba CardLink concept impressed us,” said Franz Rudolf, Chief Executive of Wilbert. “It enabled us to improve our corporate security. Previously, every day was an open-house day. Now people can only enter areas which they are authorized to access.”

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